thermostatWireless push button control is at your fingertips with an WiFi thermostat. No matter how long you’re gone, you can come home to comfort when you’ve got a programmable thermostat anticipating your needs.  Simply preset the time and temperature and your system will automatically kick on whether it’s after a long day at work or after a month out of town.

zonecomfort_mod6504_detailWalls of windows let the sunlight in and give you beautiful views of the sunset, but they also allow the heat in, making a gorgeous room hot and uncomfortable.  Turning down the air conditioning may help, but it will also make the rest of your house uncomfortably chilly, unless you have a Zoned Comfort Control.  By using a series of thermostats and dampers put throughout your home where they’re needed most, zoned comfort can adjust the temperature in each individual room, adding more cool air to one spot while holding back in another.  Your home can finally be the same temperature throughout.   You can also change the temperature in closed-off, unused rooms, so you aren’t cooling unused space in your house, saving you money.

ventilatorHave you ever been outside, enjoying the fresh, clean air, then returned inside, only to wish that your home could smell as good?  Cooking, pets and smoke as well as simply daily life, can make your home stuffy and close feeling.  Don’t you wish you could just suck that nasty air out and replace it with something clean?  Now, with an Whole-House Ventilator, you can.   A whole house ventilator takes the stale air out of your house and replaces it with fresh air from outside while transferring the outgoing air’s energy to the incoming air, bringing it to the same temperature before putting it into your home, saving you money in cooling costs.