Hawaii Clean Air 

Hi.   I’m Steve.

In the old days, I owned and operated a multi-million dollar heating and air conditioning company on the mainland.  In 2006 I sold it and moved to Hawaii.

Heating and air conditioning aren’t always necessary on the islands, but dry air is.  That’s why I set up Hawaii Clean Air

Our proprietary air handling units are custom built to exacting specifications by experienced heating and air engineers in Wisconsin. I personally supervise every installation.

Whether you live on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island, or any of the smaller islands, email  us for a consultation. Haven’t you lost enough shoes, bags, and belts to mildew already?

Best regards,


Owner, and Indoor Air Quality Specialist

I’m not available by phone for initial contact. Requests for consultation can be made by emailing HawaiiCleanAir@Gmail.com for a no-cost consultation.